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Schedule an appointment with Virginie Vandevoorde

Hollistic Wellness Coach - Specialized Advanced Kinesiologist (EMDR/Brain Gym/Bach Flowers/Family Constellation): Specialized in trauma, phobia, relationship, allergy & intolerance, athletes performance, chronic & recent injuries, genetic inheritance, the disabled and complex cases.  

Licensed Massage Therapist - Reflexologist - Auriculotherapist: Specialized in Eastern medicine (meridians work, Chinese pulses, Shiatsu, Tuina, Thai, ear reflexology), Swedish, soft & deep tissue, cupping for cellulite/scars/fascia and perinatal massage therapy. 

Stretch Yourself: Postural assessment - Pilates - Brain Gym - Aerial/Anti-Gravity Fitness  

More info Here.

Address your priorities either they are, structural/physical, emotional/mental, biochemical/nutritional... 

Virginie has worked and still work with some of the following clients you may have heard about Julia Roberts, Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Flatley, Anastasia Volochkova, Sebastian Baret, Marci Shimoff, Desiree GruberSam Gagner (NHL player), Lamarr Houston (NFL player), Chris Diamantopoulos, John Stossel just to mentioned a few.

 mt Animal Testing  Suction Cup

Prices (office or online Appt.)

1st hr or less         $150   (1st Kinesiology session could last about 2hrs)

15min after the Hr. $50.

30min after the Hr. $75

Additional Services

-Office/Home Visit       Add $75-$100 in NYC (Beyond NYC request quote here)   

-After Hr. Appt. (AHA)  Add $100/Hr pass 10pm - Double AHA after midnight

Reschedule or cancel 24Hrs prior Appt. to avoid being charged for your Appt.               

Schedule now Here or call 646@672-9876. Gift certificate available!

For more info see Virginie's Bio, Video Testimonials and Other Testimonials.