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Applies to all family Mbers including your pets (e.g horse, dog...)


Course Descriptions

Are You Still Pressing on the Knots? 

Find The Missing Links With Muscle Testing! The Body Has All The Answers (2 hrs. presentation/lecture - this is not a workshop) No Pre-requisite

Join us to experience new effective ways to address the aches and pains. We will demonstrate that the knots are just the signs and symptoms of other underlying issue(s) that can be fixed and identified easily. Also discover one of the main causes of chronic injuries and how easy they could be prevented. See how we can tap into our body's inner healing intelligence on different levels with muscle-testing (a form of bio-feedback), on the structural, emotional and biochemical/nutritional level.


RK100/FC: Relational Kinesiology 100 / Family Constellation (Not a muscle testing class) No Pre-requisite $240

Plenty of studies show that fears and anxieties are heritable, ´╗┐meaning that trauma felt by a parent or ancestor can create a biological imprint in offspring (up to 3 generations).´╗┐

We inherit some of our parent’s anxieties but also could carry on some of their life's disappointments. Just as we inherit their genetic, we also inherit some of their residues from unspoken or unresolved past traumatic events, involuntarily! It didn’t start with you, but it could end with you.

In this workshop will help you reveal some of the hidden inherited behaviors and patterns. Will help you recognize them and set you free from those unwanted inheritance that doesn’t really belong to you.

Join us if you wish to improve your relationship to self and others and/or help your clients unleash their true power.

This workshop is also a great way to access "impossible" dialogue/communication with deceased and/or alive relatives.


 AK100: Advanced Kinesiology 100  (7 hrs. workshop) No Pre-requisite. $240

Join us to acquire those must-haves cutting edge tools at your fingertips with a knowledgeable, experienced and winner-award kinesiologist. The body has all the answers, so find its missing links with muscle testing. Learn how easy it is to access the body's inner healing intelligence using only one or two muscles. In this workshop, you will learn how to self-test and how to use muscle testing to balance yourself and others structurally/physically, emotionally/mentally and biochemically /nutritionally.

Learn how to:

  • Balance yourself and others on different levels (mentionned above) using only 1 or 2 muscles.
  • Use a new cutting-edge technique for food & supplements testing. Only few professionals know this important new information to identify correctly energy draining foods/supplements.
  • Muscle test the body quickly to identify and balance the priority stressor on different levels of your life.
  • Balance eyes & neck muscles (Imp for all muscle test).
  • Muscle test the body’s bio-computer in different ways.
  • Experience the importance of the priority correction to see tangible changes.
  • Integrate muscle testing / bio-feedback into your life for faster & better results.
  • Use specific exercises to help you focus better throughout the day.
  • Perform the pre-checks to get a clear indicator muscle using switch on points, hydration test, hyper & hypotonic muscle fix and the use of a bipolar magnet.
  • Identify and know what to do with the reactive muscles as well as when the body switches off and more.

This course teaches fast & effective protocols open to all to help yourself and others on different levels using only 1 or 2 muscles.

Note: All AK courses focus on the structural, emotional and biochemical (nutritional) levels just to mention a few. It is the content of the courses that are different and unique. No courses are the same. This is the only course for instance where the self-test techniques are being taught as well as new cutting edge information about food & supplement testing, eyes & neck muscles and stress release techniques. We won't address those AK100 techniques in other AK courses. 

Optional use of magnet in AK100

AK101: Advanced Kinesiology 101 (15 hrs.) No Pre-requisite (Except AK100 is suggested/best to take first if you can otherwise take it later). $399

Advanced Kinesiology (based on Applied Kinesiology and other techniques) is a system that allows you to get direct feedback from the body, on what strengthens and weakens each individual’s unique body. In this workshop, you will learn how to test, challenge and balance the body’s 14 meridians, muscles, glands and organs using lots of different balancing techniques. The skills you will learn in this workshop will allow you to expand your clientele, help athletes, children and people with disabilities achieve their fullest potential. 

Learn how to: 

  • Balance energy to meet your goals
  • Use muscle testing to balance each 14 muscles corresponding to the 14 meridians, glands and organs below, structurally, emotionally and biochemically (nutritionally) 
  • Identify, through muscle testing, foods or supplements that strengthen or weaken a unique individual
  • Muscle test someone who cannot be muscle tested directly* e.g. babies, paraplegics (also works on animals)
  • Balance bilateral imbalances; joint fixation in two different ways 
  • Recognized and know what to do when the body switches off and when you find reactive muscles
  • Improve posture, gait, range of motion and much more



24/7 Supraspinatus - Conception Vessel - Brain    

24/7 Teres Major - Governing Vessel - Spine                                                     

1-3am  Pectoralis Major Sternal - Liver Meridian - Liver                                                               

3-5am Anterior Serratus - Lung Meridian - Lung
5-7am Tensor Fascia Latae - Large Intestine Meridian - Large Intestine     
7-9am Pectoralis Major Clavicular - Stomach Meridian - Stomach                                                      
9-11am Latissimus Dorsi - Spleen Meridian- Pancreas                                                            

11-1pm Subscapularis - Heart Meridian - Heart                                                             

1-3pm Quadriceps - Small Intestine Meridian - Small Intestine                                            
3-5pm Peroneus - Bladder Meridian - Urinary Bladder                                                          

5-7pm Psoas - Kidney Meridian -Kidney     

7-9pm Gluteus Medius - Pericardium Meridian - Sexual/Reproductive Glands & Organs   

9-11pm  Infraspinatus - Triple Warmer/Heater Meridian - Thymus

11-1am Anterior Deltoid - Gall Bladder Meridian - Gall Bladder                                                 

Optional use of magnet and laser in AK101

AK102: Advanced Kinesiology 102 (15 hrs.) Pre-requisite: AK101. $399

Learn how to prioritize life goals & balance energy to meet them while practicing the 14 meridian/muscle (M) tests from AK101 with major new techniques and shortcuts. Learn to balance all 14 Ms with only one point of correction or nutritional support. Get deeper into the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and learn the magic of the 5 elements and the wheel’s different rules and laws on how energy can circulate throughout the body. Instead of balancing each and every M individually, like in AK101, learn how to find where the excess and lack of energies are on a specific goal to identify, balance and challenge the balancing procedure (or nutritional support) needed.

  • Learn new efficient ways to balance all our meridians, muscles, glands and organs
  • Learn new Eastern and Western balancing procedures and major new short cuts
  • Practice to master the 14 meridian/muscle tests to identify, balance and challenge with ease the one point of correction
  • Get deeper into the Traditional Chinese Medicine, learn the magic of the 5 elements and the wheel to map all the excess and lack of energy on a specific goal
  • Start recognizing and muscle testing different conflicts and sabotages to prioritize better life goals and balance energy to meet them

AK103: Advanced Kinesiology 103 (15 hrs.) Pre-requisite: AK102. $399

Tap deeper into our body’s bio computer by muscle testing 49 muscles, balancing emotions, gaits, the Chinese pulses and identifying the reactor and reactive muscles; number one cause of chronic injuries.

Learn how to:

  • Balance the gaits, the Chinese pulses and emotions relates to a specific goal
  • Muscle test and balance, 35 new muscles (so 49 in total) standing and lying down with the one point correction or nutritional support.
  • Use brain integration techniques to help people with different issues
  • Further help your clients and loved ones achieve their goals on different levels, physically, emotionally and/or biochemically (nutritionally) clearing more conflicts and sabotages within the human's bio computer 
  • Manually add and remove information from our body’s bio-computer’s to help you search for reactor and reactive muscles with more ease and more


AK104: Advanced Kinesiology 104 (15 hrs.) Pre-requisite: AK103. $420

Review AK101 to AK103 (if needed), practice to master the 49 muscle tests standing, sitting and/or lying down while balancing the reactor & reactive muscles, the number one cause of chronic injuries.

Study further the pre-checks with new tests and huge shortcuts.

AK104 focuses on the reactivity mode and on the electrical mode (composed of 15 new procedures) including the sedation techniques to remove excess of energy when needed. 

Learn how to balance the whole body in a brand new way! 


AK105: Advanced Kinesiology 105 (15 hrs.) Pre-requisite: AK104. $420

In this workshop learn new major balancing techniques including the use of 7 new finger modes; the Reactive, the Chackra, the Structural, the Emotional, the Electrical, the Biochemical and the Color therapy mode. They will allow you to shortcut and navigate with more ease finding the priority correction(s).

Learn how to balance the chakras with color therapy, new important prechecks to balance ionization issues and more correction for the over-facilitated muscles.

Overall besides learning the new techniques above, you will learn to communicate with the biocomputer with more ease using new language tools.


AK106: Advanced Kinesiology 106 (15 hrs.) Pre-requisite: AK105. $420

Learn how to tap into the different bodies to heal and challenge a stressed or previously stressed/injured area.

Learn the benefits of surrogating unknow or injured muscules within the same individual.

Learn to use the right codes /words /terminology during your sessions.

Perform full sessions and start identifying your strengths and weaknesses.


AK Lab: Advanced Kinesiology Lab (Supervised Practice) Prerequisite: IKTI AK training 

In this AK Lab you will be performing AK sessions on each other and/or on outsiders only if you fell ready to do so. Tell us where you fell your weakness are and will help you get stronger. Perform, experience and refine what you have learned in your AK courses. This is also where you will be evaluated as well as evaluating other therapists too on their overall performances. Also receive AK sessions and get closer to your professional and/or personal goals.

  • Performing and practice AK sessions on each other and/or on outsiders only if you fell ready to do so.
  • Tell us where you fell your weakness are and will help you get stronger.
  • Perform, experience and refine what you have learned in your AK courses.
  • Get evaluated and evaluate other therapists too on their overall performances.
  • Receive AK sessions and get closer to your professional and/or personal goals.

It is part of our mission as the International Kinesiology Training Institute to bring the therapeutic benefits of kinesiology to our community. So in addition to our onsite clinics, we also offer some offsite clinics, where students perform kinesiology sessions in special event, on athletes and/or disabled while being supervised by their instructor.

Only offered to AK certified: