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Training Schedule & Updates

Private Session Packages Avail

Applies to all family Mbers including your pets (e.g horse, dog...)


Hosting A Class


Are you a host and/or a promoter?


Host live online courses and/or live onsite courses

Host provides: The space for the courses and/or accommodations and/or transportation connections to the instructor and/or students. 

In exchange hosts can request:  A small fee for lodging and/or transportation per student or if you are a big school and/or a college, a percentage on registrations only. If you are a small institution then it will depend on the circumstances and how far we would have to travel to come to you. Contact us with your detailed info.

How to get started: Email us ( the pictures of the space(s) you are planning to use for the classes as well as the accommodation option(s) for the instructor and/or the participants (optional). Include any details: specific dates, if any, prices for participants accommodation(s), your contact information and the best time to reach you.



Promoter refers: New students to the IKTI through flyers we provide, through word-of-mouth, or social media.

How it works: We assign a unique referral number (ref#) to you so when someone sees your flyer and wants to register, he or she must mention the ref # located on the flyer.

Promoters inform and/or distribute flyers to whomever (chiropractor, holistic doctors, nutritionists, life coach, RNs, LPNs, LMTs, CMTs, acupuncturists, holistic vets, professional schools, yoga studios, health food stores, community centers, holistic centers, gyms, coffee shops…).

As a thank you, promoters get either: Free and/or discounted prices on our product(s) and/or services depending on the number of referrals and what would make you happy.

How to get started: Sign in to generate automatically your own flyers. More info