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2023 Training Schedule 

Private Session:

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Package applies to all family Mbers including your pets (e.g horse, dog...)


Class Locations & Lodging

Current location(s)

The IKTI has traveled and taught workshops in HI, CA, WA, FL, MI, DE, MD, NJ, MA, NY & IL so far but people take our workshops live online from all over the world. We are planning to offer online training in addition to our live online & live onsite training workshops. So you can take take IKTI whenever and wherever you go.

We are never too far: Host IKTI workshops in your town! Click here for more info or just take the course live online or live onsite.

Create a group or find a partner near you is easy if you cannot travel to us.

Ideally, we suggest to have someone; a friend and/or a colleague that register too so you can practice on each other and receive the work as well (optional/not required)

If you have no one to practice on, try to share our fliers with your friends, colleagues on your social media and/or health food stores and/or professional schools for acupuncturists, massage therapists... The more you are online taking the course together, the more practice you will have. If you would like us to help you find people once you are registered please contact us ASAP so we can use our social media/connection to help you find someone or several people in your area.

If you do not have anyone to practice on during practice time, you would have options to be grouped with other registered practitioners onsite and/or live online. 


Registered participants invite other registered participant(s) to join them at their location (see zipcode & state below) or they could possibly travel nearby, so you could practice on each other and receive the work as well. If interested, register here 1st and contact the IKTI ASAP so we can put you in contact ASAP and/or add your location below.

2020 training

  • RK/FC100  May 17:   USA Oregon 97089
  • AK100 May 22:   USA Oregon 97089, New York 14220, Ohio 45761, California 92113, Connecticut 06762  & in CANADA British Columbia
  • AK101 May 23-24:   USA Ohio 45761