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Pyramid of Health


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Balance energies to meet your goals, structurally, emotionally, biochemically... 

With Advanced Kinesiology (AK), based on different types of kinesiology including but not limited to applied kinesiology, family constellation, traditional Chinese 5 elements medicine and other holistic methods too long to mentioned here. We access the body's bio-computer (hardware and software) to identify and balance muscles, meridians, glands, organs, conflicts, self sabotages, nutrition and goals to mention a few.

We offers customized one on one sessions and workshops (including AK Certification Prg) open to all, live online and onsite. 

V in Course 

  • Identify energy draining food
  • Identify and overcome fears, anxieties, allergies, phobias and unconscious sabotages
  • Relieve emotional stress and chronic aches and pains
  • Balance the spine, brain, muscles, glands, organs and meridians (w/out needles)
  • Works on paraplegics and babies who cannot be muscle tested directly as well as animals
  • Helping athletes and people with complex cases and disabilities achieve their fullest potential