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Training Schedule & Updates

Private Session Packages Avail

Applies to all family Mbers including your pets (e.g horse, dog...)


CEU & Certificates

enlightenedB E C O M E   A K   C E R T I F I E D   

  • Complete 100 hrs. of our 500 hrs Advanced Kinesiology (AK) Training Prg.  Level 1AK100-AK106 a total of 97 hrs. required. 
  • 3 hrs selective determined between you and your instructor depending on your weaknesses if any and your location. E.g of selective: receive and/or give AK session(s), private tutoring...
  • Pass following requirements (all open book) homework, test & practical exam. 

enlightenedB E C O M E   A S S I S T A N T   I N S T R U C T O R

  • Practice makes master by repeating workshop(s) you wish to assist at 50% off.
  • On 3rd and/or 4th repeat, present and demonstrate to new students under instructor supervision.
  • Complete at least IKTI 100 hrs. Advanced Certification Training Prg. above.

W H E R E   T O   S T A R T ?  

Only RK100/FC, AK100 and/or AK101 workshops have no prerequisite. Once registered you have 2 yrs to complete your workshop(s). If you wish to change date and/or location, email ASAP the IKTI to request an email confirmation with a specific or non specific date transfer. All schedule change must be done at least 2 weeks prior to the workshop you wish to change.

C E R T I F I C A T E  O F  C O M P L E T I O N 

* Can be requested by anyone who complete IKTI course(s) ONSITE or LIVE ONLINE (Optional).

C O N T I N U I N G   E D U C A T I O N  (C E)  C E R T I F I C A T E (S)

* Are optional to the following professionals upon request (for live online or live onsite workshops) for:

Acupuncturists with 

  • CeBroker Florida (provider # 50-11411)

Occupational Therapist  (CeBroker provider # 50-11411) from

  • Alabama State Board of Occupational Therapy (OT)
  • Arizona Board of Occupational Therapy Examiner 
  • Georgia State Board of OT
  • Louisiana State of Medical Examiner - OT
  • South Carolina Board of OT

Nurses  (CeBroker provider # 50-11411) from

  • Georgia Board of Nursing
  • Arkansas State Board of Nursing
  • District of Columbia Board of Nursing

Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs) in the states of:

  • Florida (provider # 50-11411)
  • New York (provider # 00039)
  • New Jersey
  • Nevada (state board 775-687-9955 our AK100 -104 courses # CEH 0162 to 0166)
  • Missouri 
  • Wisconsin 
  • Connecticut  (No more than 12hrs can be obtained from Prg not approved by NCBTMB  & No more than 6 hours of continuing education can be achievd via Internet-based)
  • Other states check with your state board

- Dietitian/Nutritionist & Nutrition Counselor

  •  Florida

Notes for: 

  • NCBTMB: The IKTI does not provide NCBTMB CEs 
  • FL & IL LMTs: Live online CE course(s) count as general CEs & onsite courses CEs count as Hands-On CEs.
  • NYS LMTs CE live online or onsite courses just count as live hands-on CE courses. 

Note some state boards not mentioned above could accept exceptionally our courses as CE courses Eg LMT from IL upon request. So if you are interested contact your state board to ask them about their specific requirements and let us know if you need anything from us, we would be happy to help.

Thank you,