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Balance energies to meet your goals either you are a corporation and/or an individual.

At the IKTI we muscle test to balance the body and goals (structurally, emotionally and biochemically just to mentioned a few) with Advanced Kinesiology (AK) based on different types of kinesiology including but not limited to applied kinesiology, traditional Chinese 5 elements medicine and other holistic methods too long to mentioned here (see course descriptions). This effective way to get direct feedback from the body on the unique strengths and weaknesses of each individual, allow us to see directely the programs and believe systems of each sensitive bio-computer. E.g We balance, muscles, meridians, glands, organs, nutrition, emotions, conflicts, sabotages and goals just to mentionned a few, in a specific priority order

We offers customized one on one sessions and workshops (including AK Certification Prg) open to all, live online and onsite. 

V in Course 

Join us to learn new tools for life (no prerequisites needed)

  • For Continuing Education Credits
  • For your own personal growth
  • For faster & amazing results
  • To help yourself and/or others improve their lives 
  • To learn a new career

We train those who are, or want to become, health professionals/coaches, create successful holistic practices with the art and science of Kinesiology, check our 100hrs Certification Prg.  

Learn how to:

  • Identify, through muscle testing, food or supplements that strengthen or weaken a unique individual
  • Improve range of motion, balance the spine, neck and eye muscles
  • Use muscle testing to balance each muscle and meridian structurally, emotionally and biochemically (needle-less)
  • Prioritize life goals & balance energy to accomplish them
  • Identify and overcome fears, phobias & unconscious sabotage
  • Relieve emotional stress and chronic aches & pains
  • Muscle test someone who cannot be muscle tested directly e.g. babies, paraplegics (also works on animals)
  • Expand your clientele, help corporations, athletes, children, and people with disabilities achieve their fullest potential

​We look forward to helping you reach your personal and/or professional goals.  Do not hesitate to Contact us with any questions or special request regarding your career plans and/or life challenges and see if this is the right path for you.