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How to register


1. Go to our schedule page

2. Select the classes you want

3. Click next to proceed to payment


Call us at 646 then 672 follw by 9876 or email us with the following information: Full name, email, phone number, the classes you want to register for, your credit or debit card information. We accept all major credit/debit cards (American Express, Discover, Visa and MasterCard), IKTI processing fee is 3.95%.


Send the full amount payable to the IKTI (International Kinesiology Training Institute), 400 Central Park W. #5M, NY, NY 10025 –include name, address, phone, email and course(s) you are registering for. Note for check payment: We must receive your check the latest 3 weeks prior to the workshop. After the 3 weeks period that check may not be accepted. Also contact us ahead to inform as we may not see your check at all if we are travelling.


You must register first with one of the payment options above and once you come to class we will be able to return your previous payment in exchange of cash. It will just take a few business days for your original payment to go back to your account. Or contact us to schedule an appointment to register and pay in cash.


Proceed to checkout and select paypal payment option. Then you will see the bill me later logo, just follow directions

For FAQ of Bill Me Later click here

If you have any questions please Contact Us or for any questions regarding Bill Me later click here.



Cancellation of Classes 
IKTI reserves the right to cancel a course. Students will be notified by phone, text and/or email of any cancellation and will receive a full refund unless student(s) agree(s) to reschedule the course(s) to a later date or their course manual has already been sent to them.

Payment forms accepted include cash or all major credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). Checks must be received the latest 3 weeks prior to the start of the course. Bounced checks will incur a $30 fee. If an employer or other third party fails to pay the cost of a student's tuition and or fees, the student will be responsible for the costs.
Also if you want to register for a course e.g. AK 103 and/or AK104 that is not yet scheduled, you can still register in advance to benefit of a special promotion. Just add course(s) in your shopping cart (if available on schedule page) and explain by contacting us once registered that you will be taking it/them at another date and/or location. Your courses are valid for 2 years anywhere IKTI teaches starting on the date of registration.

Withdrawals & Refunds:

All payments are non-refundable, except if you have been informed that the workshop has been canceled. In this case, students will receive a full refund unless they agreed to reschedule the workshop(s) to a later date or their course manual has already been sent to them.

Make-up classes:

If a student misses fully or partly a course, he or she can make-up the same amount of time and curriculum missed, within a 2 years period from that same course. The location of the course does not have to be the same. And this is only valid if the course is being offered during that time period (2 years from the beginning of the date of the missed course).

Lost belongings: 
The International Kinesiology Training Institute is not responsible for any personal belongings lost at an instruction site.

The International Kinesiology Training Institute is not liable for any personal injury sustained at an instruction site.

Live Online or Onsite Courses:

Only people who are registered to the IKTI online or onsite course(s) can take the course(s) they registered to. No video(s), audio or picture(s) can be taken or recorded during the course(s) except for the IKTI. No one except the IKTI can use audio, picture(s) and/or video recording during the IKTI course(s). Also all documents and manuals provided by the IKTI are non-transferable.