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- New York, NY

Also Avl. Live Online


- New York, NY

Also Avl. Live Online

- Tampa Bay, FL (2hrs presentation)

-Orlando, FL

Also Avl. Live Online

Lodging onsite Avl. & limited


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Discover & Experience Kinesiology: A form of bio-feedback through muscle testing allowing us to identify imbalances in the body's energy systems (also called the bio-computer) physically, emotionally & nutritionally (biochemically).

The IKTI, based in New York City, travels all over the United States and internationally to provide you, with a high quality instruction in the art and science of kinesiology. Some of our courses are also available online now via live interactive Podcast. See our schedule.

We offer the most comprehensive professional kinesiology training for people of all ages and backgrounds, no prerequisites needed.

All our courses at the IKTI use muscle testing as a method of biofeedback to identify imbalances in the body's energy system.

Join us now to experience the everyday miracles that the IKTI offers.

Learn new tools for life!


Either you are joining the IKTI:

- For continuing education credits (for some CMTs & LMTs)

- For your own personal growth

- For faster & amazing results

- To learn new tools & techniques

- To learn a new career

- To help yourself and/or others Structurally, Emotionally and Nutritionally.  Watch videos here!


The IKTI provides upon request Continuing Education Credits to LMTs in the state of Florida only.

Our Continuing Education Provider Number with CE Broker is 50-11411 more info.